Wednesday, June 30, 2010

List #12: Animal Kingdom QSFB Locations

Here are all of the Quick-Service Food & Beverage locations throughout Disney's Animal Kingdom Park. There aren't nearly as many as in the other parks, but there are some good food options and fun theming.

1. Dino Diner
Cuisine: American (hot dogs, chips, popcorn, drinks)
Meals: Lunch, Dinner
Theme: Trailer
Location: Discovery Island

2. Flame Tree Barbecue
Cuisine: American (salads, chicken, pork, desserts)
Meals: Lunch, Dinner
Best Meal: Smoked pork sandwich
Location: Discovery Island

3. Kusafiri Coffee Shop
Cuisine: American (pastries, fruit, beverages)
Meals: Breakfast, Snacks
Best Treat: Zebra cupcake
Location: Africa

4. Pizzafari
Cuisine: American (salads, pizza, sandwiches)
Meals: Lunch, Dinner
Best Treat: Chocolate mousse
Location: Discovery Island

5. Restaurantosaurus
Cuisine: American (McDonald's)
Meals: Lunch, Dinner
Theme: Student paleontologists' home
Location: Dinoland U.S.A.

6. Tamu Tamu Refreshments
Cuisine: American (burgers, pitas, sandwiches)
Meals: Lunch, Dinner
Best Treat: Cheeseburger basket
Location: Africa

7. Yak & Yeti Local Food Caf├ęs
Cuisine: Asian (chicken, beef, egg rolls)
Meals: Lunch, Dinner
Best Treat: Asian chicken sandwich
Location: Asia


Hilary Elisabeth said...

I really want to try Flame Tree Barbeque and the Yak and Yetti. :p Just putting it out there!!

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