Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Welcome to Entertainment

Where to begin? Week One of Entertainment training was a whirlwind!

Never before in my life did I feel so optimistic and nervous at the same time. It was truly a magical feeling... those butterflies in your stomach like you are auditioning for a role... and those same butterflies like you are about to perform onstage in front of an audience. Yes, I already had the job, but training had not begun!

Entertainment training began at Disney University, where we met our training group. Our class was made up of performers, photographers and character attendants. We also met our Welcome to Entertainment class trainers, Kelly and Kirk. Kirk was a photographer and Kelly was friends with Cinderella. They were wonderful people with such bright and positive attitudes... I knew this was going to be a great class.

After the standard Company history presentations and safety training sessions, we got into the fun stuff... Entertainment! We learned about the history of live entertainment in the Disney Parks and how we would now be a part of that legacy... it was a great feeling.

From Disney University, we took a bus over to the Magic Kingdom and went up into the park. This was my "home park," having spent 4 months working in Tomorrowland. But I had a new perspective, walking onto Main Street USA in my professional attire. No longer would I be able to talk to Guests about their favorite parade. No longer would I be able to walk through the park and help Guests find their way. I was now going to have to use my communication skills in a whole new way.

Once we were all gathered together on Main Street, we headed toward the Castle. And boy were we in for a treat! The Castle Show was about to start! Never before had I been so excited to see "Dream Along with Mickey." To think that I would soon be a part of that same tradition of live entertainment was so exciting! I'll never forget how excited I was to watch Mickey and the gang in front of the Castle, as me and my new friends sang along with our favorite characters.

After the Castle Show we headed back to Disney University to wrap up the day. It was a day full of positive messages and reminders that we were all part of a team that truly reflects the values of the Walt Disney Company. I couldn't wait for the week to begin!


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