Monday, March 29, 2010

Disney College Program, get ready for Zach!!

It's been a dream for a long time: to work at Walt Disney World.

So when I learned about the Disney College Program back in early high school, I immediately put it on my plan for the future. It's funny: when I graduated high school, I was given back all of my records and files from my counselor. Looking through the paperwork, I found a questionnaire from my middle school days. My response for "what do you want to be when you grow up?".... Disney Imagineer.

It's definitely been something that I've dreamed about and strongly considered for quite some time. Most of my personal library of books is about Walt Disney World or Disney Imagineering. So it's only fitting that I would be interested in the Disney College Program, I suppose.

Now the time has come to make this dream a reality! I attended the recruitment presentation on campus last semester, and watched the online presentation just the other day. I filled out the web application and I set up my phone interview: Friday, April 2 at 1:00. I can't wait!

I've got all of my answers prepared. I'm definitely interested in being either a PhotoPass Photographer or a Character Attendant. Being able to work so closely with the characters would be amazing, and I have a good background in photography and assisting performers. I suppose I'd also be interested in working Attractions, but I think I'd have more fun as a Character Attendant. Hopefully I'll get one of my top choices!

What's great about the Disney College Program is that it's a huge first step for a career with the Disney Company. After completing the College Program, alumni can return during the summer for the College Program, and can apply for Professional Internships. That is definitely something I'm interested in. Perhaps an internship in stage management or production management with Disney Imagineering or Creative Entertainment.... I would absolutely love to be involved with the production of parades or live shows like "Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage" or "Finding Nemo the Musical."

So for now, all I can do is wait until Friday afternoon and hope I do a good job on the phone interview. I think I'll be fine.... I'm sure my love for Walt Disney World will definitely show through and my knowledge of Disney Imagineering will help make me a strong candidate.

Here's to the future.... hope to see more Disney in it!



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