Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Remembering Speech & Debate

This past January I had the opportunity to stage manage Speech & Debate, an open-stage production for the Department of Theatre at MSU. Open-stage productions are completely student-run, so the show was directed by senior BFA actress Michelle Meredith. Michelle and I have known each other for a while -- we acted together in a couple community theatre productions in high school. So it was great to get a chance to work with her again!

It was the first show where I felt I had everything under control and figured out, having
assistant stage managed Palmer Park and stage managed Freshman Showcase.

I also took on the responsibility of prop master and projection designer. I was able to combine my love for organization and stage management with my creative side. I even designed the show's logo and poster.

The play itself held a lot of sentimental value to both myself and the rest of the cast. It dealt with a lot of "taboo" topics which most of us could relate to in our own lives. The character "Diwata" also referenced the musical Once Upon a Mattress, which was the first show I ever performed in with director Michelle Meredith.

I'll always remember that magical feeling that comes with being an actor on opening night -- but I've learned that that feeling also comes when you're a stage manager (or director, designer, etc.) It was so rewarding to see all of our hard work come together and create something important.

And to cherish those memories, we videotaped a couple of our favorite scenes from the show!


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