Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Disney College Program!

It's official: I'm participating in the Disney College Program for the Fall 2010 Season. I got my famous "purple folder" in the mail on Sunday, and am now signed up to work as a Quick-Service Food and Beverage Cast Member!

Though food and beverage really isn't related to my field of study, I think it will be a great learning opportunity and I will gain plenty of marketable skills. Plus, Disney will be on my résumé, and participating the College Program is a huge foot in the door for a career with the Disney Company.

I'm sure my work schedule will be hectic, but I'm really looking forward to the learning opportunities offered by the program. One course in particular is the Entertainment Show Production Professional Development Study, a series of eight sessions giving students an opportunity to see how Walt Disney World develops and maintains its productions. 

I'm also excited because my friend Hilary, whom I've known since kindergarten, will be working as a lifeguard while I'm there! Plus my friend Alex, who is currently working at the Grand Floridian, is applying for an extension for the next semester! Plus I'm excited to meet a bunch of new people who all share my love for Disney World!

I can't wait to start LIVING, LEARNING AND EARNING at Walt Disney World! 



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