Friday, November 5, 2010

This is What it's All About!

Some days at work are better than others. Some days are slow, some days are quick. Some are more fun than others, some are more stressful that others. But in the end, I have fun. And I remind myself that it really isn't about me; it's about the Guests. It's about providing them the best possible experience possible. So what can we do as Cast Members to provide them exceptional Guest Service?

At Cosmic Ray's, one of the "magical moments" is singing a song to Guests wearing a birthday button:

Attention Cosmic Ray's! Today is a very special day! Does anybody know why? Because today is _____'s birthday!
Cosmic Ray's is here to say today's a day to celebrate! It's a very special day so have a happy birthday!

It only takes a few seconds, and it makes the Guest feel special. Sometimes it takes them by surprise. They aren't expecting Cast Members to run from all over the restaurant to join in the song. It's loud and fun, and it makes the day a lot less mundane.

So one night, a Guest approached me and handed me a postcard. He wanted to thank me for making his family vacation feel extra special by singing the birthday song. But I hadn't sung it to anybody in his family. He just saw me singing the song to couple of kids, but he wanted to thank me for doing that. It was so nice to be recognized for doing something so simple: just singing happy birthday!

He then returned a little later and took a picture of me holding the postcard. Hmmm....

When I got home, I took a closer look at the postcard. It was a custom-made postcard, with an Epcot Monorail stamp on it. Also on it was a web address, where I could see my thank-you note and photo. Aha! That's what the picture was for!

So I checked the website, ( and found this note:

So a few weeks later, I checked again, and saw my name!

When I clicked on my name, I was taken to a description of my "magical moment" with the picture he took of me and the postcard!

I am so honored to be considered a memorable Cast Member from this gentleman's vacation. It's nice knowing that the smallest, simplest things we do as Cast Members can really make someone's vacation that much more special.

I will forever treasure the postcard he gave me. It is a shining example of why I love being a Disney Cast Member.


lamayfield said...

That is so incredible. What a clever idea for this gentleman to do!

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