Friday, October 1, 2010

Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho, It's Off to Work I Go

There are two ways for me to get to work: the scenic route, and the back route. I take the scenic route. The scenic route always gets me in the mood for work, even on days when I'm not in the mood.

It's about 11 miles, and takes about 22 minutes to get from my apartment to the Magic Kingdom Cast Member parking lot. I start by heading towards the Walt Disney World main entrance.

Once I get there, I start getting in the mood for work. It's just nice seeing the logo and the smiling Disney characters greeting you as you drive by.

I keep driving on the highway, and to my left I can see Spaceship Earth. That's one of the highlights of my drive. Just seeing that giant silver ball shining in the sun is so cool, and definitely nicer than seeing apartment complexes or office buildings. 

Once I pass the Epcot area, I turn and head toward the Magic Kingdom area. It is here that I go under the main entrance for the Magic Kingdom, which helps heighten my excitement for work a little bit more. I just love seeing the signage for all the parks. 

Once I'm through the gate, I head towards the right, instead of to the left where guest parking is located. I keep driving north until I see the Contemporary Hotel. I often see the Monorail as well, which is another treat that makes the drive more enjoyable. 

When I look to the left, I can see Cinderella Castle in the distance, which really sets the mood. It's just cool to think "That's where I work!"

Once I drive past the Contemporary Hotel, I get a close-up view of Space Mountain. Then I drive past a sign stating "authorized vehicles only" and drive right alongside Space Mountain! 

Once I make my way to the back of the Magic Kingdom, it becomes a bit more industrial and less glamorous. There are maintenance buildings, parking lots and other service areas. I pass the Monorail/Train service building, the Holiday Services building, the Disney University, as well as other various service buildings.

When I think about it, I definitely do have a pretty nice drive to work. Beautifully-landscaped highways, Spaceship Earth, Disney hotels and Cinderella Castle.... it all makes going to work a little less of a chore. 


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