Monday, October 4, 2010

List #15: Questions From Work

I get asked a lot of questions at work. Most of them are about the food -- how big or how much, or about the Disney Dining Plan. I also get a lot of repeat questions, like about where straws/napkins are or where the bathrooms are. Here are some of the questions I've been asked... some just once, and some quite often. 
  1. Are these onions or is it sauerkraut? (I would like it if it were sauerkraut, but no, they're onions.)
  2. Where is Tomorrowland? ('re in it!)
  3. Is this the place in Tomorrowland where they sell turkey legs? (No! That's Frontierland. I don't know who is telling all of these guests that Cosmic Ray's sells Turkey Legs.)
  4. Where is the bar on Main Street? (Keep dreaming, sir.)
  5. Can you keep my leftovers in a refrigerator and I'll pick them up later? (Wouldn't that be nice?!)
  6. Can I get a shot of orange soda in my Diet Coke? (Sure, whatever floats your boat!)
  7. Can I trade my chocolate cake for grapes? (That's the opposite of what I would ask!)
  8. Can you cut my sandwich in half for me? (Are you afraid to use a plastic knife?)
  9. What exactly is Sonny Eclipse? We thought he was a hippo. (He's an alien. A lizard alien.)


Kelsie Moeller said...

this made me laugh.
I work in a country club over the summer and we get dumb questions like this all the time. i like your responses.

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