Monday, October 11, 2010

Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure

One of the attractions on my "bucket list" for my time here in Florida was the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure at Epcot. So about a week ago, my friend Stephanie and I finally did it.

It was actually pretty cool. We signed up in Innoventions, and were given a FastPass-like ticket directing us to a World Showcase booth near the UK. When we got to the "recruiting station," we were assigned a country from the World Showcase pavilions where our scavenger hunt would take place. We got Italy. (Actually, we got to choose Italy because the Cast Member recognized us as fellow College Programers.)

We were then given our "Kimmunicator," a cellphone which would guide us through our adventure. It was actually pretty cool. The screen played video clips featuring characters from the Kim Possible tv show.

We were given clues for things to look for and items to find. When we found what we were looking for, our cellphone would activate a special effect. For instance, we located a window on the outside of a building in Italy. When we pressed the button on our Kimmunicator, a small satellite popped out of the top of the lamp inside the window.

It was a fun afternoon and I look forward to completing another mission on the Kim Possible World Showcase adventure. I hope to complete all of them!


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