Tuesday, November 23, 2010

And the Wait is Over!

So the wait is finally over... I found out about my request for a College Program extension: and I got accepted to extend my program as a character performer!

I'm so very excited to have this opportunity! I get to portray a Disney character, and I think I'll make really good friends with Goofy and some of his taller companions like Jafar and Mr. Incredible.

It will definitely be a different experience than working at Cosmic Ray's. I won't be able to talk (at all), and all of my communication will be through large gestures and by signing autographs. But knowing that I'm actually bringing the magic to life will be a rewarding experience, and I feel quite lucky to have been given this opportunity.

My current Disney College Program ends January 7, and my extension begins January 9. My new departure date is May 13, 2011. I know it will be strange going back to school next fall being a year behind all of my classmates, but I couldn't turn down an offer like this.

Now I have a little over a month left, and then it'll be time to start my new role as a character performer! I can't wait!


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