Friday, September 17, 2010

Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café

The Disney College Program is all about living, learning, and earning... so here's a little bit about the earning aspect of the program.

I'm working at Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café, which is a quick-service restaurant located in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom. It is the largest fast-food location in the Magic Kingdom, so we definitely get a lot of business. Apparently it is the second busiest quick-service restaurant in the WORLD, right after a 24-hour McDonald's in Moscow. Now that's something to brag about! Who else can say they've worked for one of the busiest restaurants in the world?!

Cosmic Ray's has three individual bays, at which you can order different types of foods. Bay One is Chicken, and serves selections like rotisserie chicken, ribs, chicken nuggets and chicken sandwiches. Bay Two is Burgers, and serves burgers, hot dogs, chili cheese dogs, veggie burgers and chili cheese fries. Bay Three is Sandwich, Soup and Salad, and serves burgers, wraps, pork sandwiches, greek and caesar salads, and soup. All three bays serve kids meals (chicken nuggets, turkey sandwich or peanut butter and jelly,) as well as drinks and desserts. Kosher Meals are available upon request. They also do a really great job at accommodating guests with food allergies.

In the lower eating area (the Starlight Lounge,) an Audio-Animatronics lounge lizard known as Sonny Eclipse entertains guests. Sonny is on an interplanetary tour, having traveled to several solar systems. Cosmic Ray's is his first gig on Earth. He sits behind his famous Astro Organ, which backs him up with music.... all at the touch of a button. He is also backed up by his invisible back-up singers, the Space Angels. Though the music is cheesy and his jokes are corny, Sonny is an entertaining aspect of the restaurant and makes work a little more fun.

My costume for work isn't that bad either. Black pants, black shoes, and a gray futuristic shirt make up my costume. I can also wear a Pin Trading lanyard (most of the time...) 

Overall, I enjoy working at Cosmic Ray's. It's busy, so I'm usually not just standing watching time go by. And the people are great, the managers are nice, and it's a fun environment. Plus, I get to look out the window and see Cinderella Castle! That really makes it enjoyable. 


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I work in the castle! Wave sometime! :)

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