Friday, September 10, 2010

Disney Pin Trading

I must admit, I never really understood the whole pin trading thing. I mean, I suppose I understand it in a way -- collecting things can be fun! But pin trading can become quite expensive. Each pin ranges in price from 7 to almost 20 dollars each!! So people wearing a lanyard of 10 or so pins are wearing about $100 in Disney merchandise. I actually was talking to a girl at a pin kiosk, and she said she has over 250 pins. That's about $2500 (probably more!) in pins!! I can't imagine spending that much money on pins! 

Then, there are rules. If you are wearing a pin, and someone wants to trade with you, you're supposed to trade with them. So if I were to buy a special pin that I want to keep, because it has sentimental value or something, I have to give it away because somebody else wants it!

That's the part I don't understand. I do have a few pins of my own, but I keep them for myself.

I do, however, participate in the pin trading. I was given an official company-issued Cast Member lanyard to wear at work. I have to follow a few rules in order to wear it. I must always have 12 pins on the lanyard, it must be clean, and the pins must be official Disney trading pins. And I must trade with any guest who wants to trade for one of my pins.

But what's great is that they're not MY pins -- they're the company's. So whenever I trade pins with a guest, I'm not giving away something I bought for myself. It's just fun and adds a bit of excitement to the long days of work.

And even better, when I get bored of the pins on my lanyard, I can swap them out at the pin replenishment station in the Magic Kingdom Utilidoor. 


Megan said...

A lot of people buy a whole set of pins on Ebay for a lot cheaper than Disney sells them.

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