Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Disney's Fairy Tale Wedding Pavilion

On Saturday, August 28, the Disney Fairy Tale Wedding Pavilion hosted an open house. With some free time before my work training began, I thought I'd check it out and see how magical it really is.

Walking up to the main building, Cinderella' carriage was parked in front. What better way to show up to your wedding than in Cinderella's very own horse-drawn carriage!

I then walked over to the chapel. Inside, there were cakes to sample. Very delicious! Walking down the aisle, you look out over Seven Seas Lagoon and get a picture-perfect view of Cinderella Castle. A few fireworks even shot off as I was taking in the marvelous view.

Suddenly, the organ started playing and a "mother-of-the-bride" walked a few guests down the aisle. She introduced a panel of wedding planners, florists, chefs and other designers, who answered questions from the audience.

It was definitely a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning. I've always wanted to get a close-up view and inside look of the Wedding Pavilion, and I'm glad I took advantage of this opportunity.

Below is some video I took at the Wedding Pavilion. The views are simply stunning, especially when looking across the Lagoon and seeing Cinderella Castle.


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